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06-18-14, 01:19 PM
My suggestion is that within the game story, free Sabina from her oppressive Victorian female image. It is painful to watch her try and walk in the tightly corseted dress that forces her to take small steps. If one must have a Princess, there are much better models, such as Kate Middleton!

06-19-14, 06:40 AM
Yeah, but Kate Middleton is 2014 ....while Sabina is circa...???? (Insert pseudo Middle Ages time period here lol)

06-19-14, 07:49 AM
Female Avatar and Thurston are not exactly MA characters - princess does not need to be either - please consider role model for girls today and roots of oppression of women! Thanks

06-19-14, 08:34 AM
Sure they are! ... Thurston is wearing knight's armor...ya can't get much more MA than that lol
...and the female ruler avatar looks like a commoner farmhand or maybe even a merchant that eats big turkey legs at Renn Faire! lol

I don't find anything sexist or degrading to women in this game (yes, I'm a gal lol).
It's like a storybook, and as such, the players play their parts (& kinda need to look it too) - it'd be really odd for Sabina to be walking around in modern day dress, like Princess Kate. It'd actually be odd for ANY of the characters to be sporting Levi's, tees, sneakers or even dressier, like a business suit... I mean, it *is* called CASTLE Story, after all.....and not Windsor Castle of the 21st century lol.

Personally, I think the RULER character is an awesome role model for girls (& boys, alike)... Trying to make the best choices, keeping communication open between ALL peoples that enter her (or his) kingdom, listening to what others have to say, making amends, trying to correct past mistakes, the list goes on & on...

Ps. I think it's unrealistic to expect every female character to be a role model ... Then where's the antagonist? (& what about Greselda??)

Pps. Interesting debate! thx! :)

06-21-14, 12:19 PM
Yes the Rulers are great role models - I applaud this and it has kept me in the game. I didn't mean that any of the characters should dress in contemporary style. Sabina could be in character without being portrayed in extremely oppressive attire with ultra feminine arm and eye movements. She could both be in character and not so oppressed. Some of the new children's movies with Princesses as lead characters demonstrate this. That is my suggestion. I have noticed that some of the Castles have hidden her.
Thanks for thinking about this.

06-24-14, 06:28 PM
Hi..I'm with Equinox14 on this. Sabina is costumed in the style of 1700's France A la Marie Antoinette or America's Civil War era. Women in the Middle Ages wore a loose fitting shift with a sleeveless tunic over it. Sabina's exaggerated walk, arm and eye movements make her look more like Michael Cain in "Miss Congeniality" strutting his stuff on a city sidewalk than a powerful, dignified princess! After seeing the so-called "freed" Sabina in neighboring Castle Stories, I expanded to her area and promptly hid her behind a building and a tree or two. No way am I going to have her flouncing all over my Queendom in that get-up. I'm willing to sacrifice a big chunk of the story line to be saved from a stereotypical oppressed female image. PS I really like the Female Avatar...she is a complete Tom-boy in those serious leather boots. PPS Where is her horse? And her dog?

06-25-14, 06:59 AM
Sabina would fit right in ....

.... Or do y'all not like Disney princess characters either??

06-25-14, 10:45 AM
I agree...BUT I would love to be able to tweek my character

06-25-14, 10:58 AM
Sabina's exaggerated walk, arm and eye movements make her look more like Michael Cain in "Miss Congeniality" strutting his stuff on a city sidewalk than a powerful, dignified princess!

Huh...I just figured she was drunk. Too much hanging around Thurston at the tavern.

06-25-14, 03:03 PM
Huh...I just figured she was drunk. Too much hanging around Thurston at the tavern.

LOL!! Good one! .. And I just thought it wasn't due to the corset or hoop skirt or high heels or female suppression/oppression ...
...but because she's a PRISSY PRIVILEGED PRINCESS and that's how prissy princesses who are also oh-so-dainty walk & act & look. LOL

DragonsWolf07 ~ If you never intend to finish the Sabina line & have her walking around your queendom, then you'll never be able to open the roost to get a dragon or manticore... & not sure (cuz I can't remember lol) but you may not be able to open the glimmergate or get to Greselda either (?)
I *could* say that I'm not too keen about having a pervy old man Thomas walking around my queendom (for some unknown reason, he reveals somewhere along the line in the dialogue that he wears nothing under his robe! ...& wants me to pose for pix! LOL)... But then I'd forever be stuck playing a game with goatman! lol My point? If you wanna progress in the game, ya gotta just chalk Sabina's character up to being apropos for the time period & move past it....

06-26-14, 04:04 AM
Hi came to forum because I thought people would be talking about the game not clothing so she looks diff it's a game

06-26-14, 09:13 AM
Sabina would fit right in ....

.... Or do y'all not like Disney princess characters either??

Woodsy, I'm with you one the main issue of the thread. But when it comes to Disney princesses, I must say I have a problem.
I was going to writh an MA thesis on the role of Disney charachters in the socialisation prosses of kids.
I think they have it wrong. But in this game, I think Sabina is dressed exactly right for her fairy tale character. I think she walks right, and talks right.
She IS a princess out of a fairy tale. That IS the story line.
And though she takes her knowledge from fairytales, she is not stupid, and is portrayed as a smart dame, even if she IS dainty looking.

06-26-14, 09:29 AM
I consider myself a feminist but personally don't see anything wrong with the Sabina character. She is ludicrous, but then, so is Thurston. To the same degree. She must wear terribly uncomfortable clothing but so does Thurston - doesn't he complain about how sweaty it is in his armor? Personally, I'd rather suffer Sabina's corset (in today's terms, Spanx, lol) and 4" heels than sweating to death and getting Tet**** in my many scrapes from in a suit of armor. They are both equally trapped in their attire and roles. Anyway, IMO, the characters we encounter are meant to be silly, not role models. We, our non-sexist avatars, are the role models of the story.

IMO, compared to most video games out there, this one portrays women well! My female avatar is totally equivalent to the male one, for one thing - not any less strong a character, nor cleavage & midriff-baring as is standard in 99% of any game that has female heroes. For another, in this game, we rescue not just maidens in distress but old men and knights as well - it does not portray women as more helpless and in need of rescue than men. It also does not portray women as sex objects, or, as is my biggest complaint as a feminist about video games, the epitome of a sex object: as a prize to be awarded the men for their heroism. IMO, in our society today, treatment of women as sex objects, taken by men as their due, is the problem. Not repressive beauty regiments (though I could go off that, lol).

Nice thought-provoking OP and thread. Thanks for making me actually think through what I think of the game in these terms.

ETA: lol at the censorship of Tet****. I mean what is sometimes known as Lockjaw, the disease you can get by getting metal in a skin scrape if you haven't had a shot for it in the last 7 years.