View Full Version : Level 232

06-16-14, 03:09 AM
I'm hitting the plug bubbles but the darkened bubbles don't light up. Is there a secret to it or is there a problem?

06-16-14, 09:22 AM
Hello vaw122255!

On this level, you'll notice the darkened bubbles have the glowing "flip-flop" ring around them. This means they will change to another color with every shot.
The Plugs will only turn on lights that match their color when they are popped, so make sure you only hit a plug bubble when the dark bubbles you want to turn on are ABOUT to become
the color of the plug, not when they are currently the color of the plug.

This is less important in the bottom section, where something lights up regardless of which plug you hit, but be very careful about when you hit the plugs in the second section.

Hope these tips help! Best of luck!