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06-15-14, 04:22 PM
1. Apple iPad version 7.1.1
2. Jewel Mania 1.2.5 version
3. Support ID: 8C47328

1) Occasionally the dotted lines between the islands (and the score count for each) disappears, usually after exiting out of a game - see screenshot.

2) Level 290; jewels don't repopulate - see screenshots

3) Level 217; when matching a diamond and a blaster - game crashes, lose energy - no screenshot yet.



06-16-14, 11:24 AM
Hi HemiDaytona,

We have tested all three issues you have reported and was unable to replicate the issues. Upon looking into your account, we also noticed your level was stopped at level 277, though you have mentioned playing at 290.

Our games require a stable internet connection so your game progress can be saved on our servers during regular intervals. If you close or exit the game before your device communicates with our servers to save your data, your game progress may not have been properly saved.

Please connect online and access the game first so we have your latest data. Once that is done, reinstall the game and when available play the games through Wifi. This should start you off at the correct progress.

06-16-14, 01:27 PM
Hmmm, that's interesting. It looks like you were looking at my iPhone Support ID (#597N945) which is at level 277. My iPad game however (Support ID #8C47328) is at level 330 with 80 Gold Bars and 5,927,850 Silver Coins (see screenshot).

I'm not sure what you mean by not connected as my iPad is virtually always connected via Wifi to the internet. If I login with my Storm8 ID, will I lose my progress? When I attempt to do so, I get this scary notice (see second screenshot).

Any help is greatly appreciated.



06-16-14, 02:04 PM
Hi HemiDaytona ,

Thank you for the clarification. It looks like you have two accounts on each device and we were only aware of Support ID:597N945. We apologize for the confusion regarding internet connection. Please note Support ID #8C47328 on your iPad does not have a Storm8 ID, so please create one along with a password.

Also, on your iPad, please try to force close all background apps before playing Jewel Mania. You may be able to improve game performance by closing down background apps to free up more resources.

We will continue to investigate the 3 issues you have mentioned.