View Full Version : What the Heck!

06-14-14, 06:53 AM
Ok TeanLava, I had the offer to download & install the mystery crimes Rio on all my IPad games yesterday & on my IPad mini this morning. By the time I got caught up in Castle, Dragon, & Restaurant story & finally had the chance for the download & gems it is gone!
I feel totally ripped off. I play 4 games on 2 devices and work! Why did I miss out?

06-14-14, 07:12 AM
download the game if you opened the goal pop up

it should give you credit'

06-14-14, 07:28 AM
The game goal is gone on all TeamLava games on my IPad :(. 1day offer, I mean seriously especially when lame games like bingo are offered for a week!

06-14-14, 07:42 AM
Ok I installed & played and got the gem bonus. Thanks. I am a happy camper now :)

06-14-14, 08:21 AM
Glad it worked for you
It usually does when they dissapear