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06-09-14, 10:47 PM
Undoubtably Restaurant Story is a unique and addicting game. However, discrimination does not fail to be present. The fact that the selection of cooks is set to only be two, but they are also only white. The option for characters is choose between a white female or a white male. This is concerning because the fan base of this game are mostly adolescent children and they are multiracial. The game is depicting an image that only white people can own an establishment. It is truly heart breaking that a child is playing this game and says " why can't I choose someone that looks like me to own my restaurant?" The characters in this game should not only be limited to multiracial customers, but as well as multiracial characters being utilized to conduct this game.

06-10-14, 08:02 AM
I agree. I also wish they would bring the characters from the android platform over to the ios version of the game. The characters there are far more diverse and not so scary looking too!

When the call was made for braids in fashion story braids eventually made an appearance. For gems. So I would like to request that if we do get the ability to choose a brown skinned or Asian, Native American or multiracial chef icon, please do not charge gems or coins for those selections.

06-10-14, 03:01 PM
I thought it was quite refreshing in Pet Shop Story to see quite a few different avatar options. While I didn't like the game overall, that was at least a nice surprise after seeing the limited selection in a couple of other games.

I would just like more customization in that department, period. In Fashion Story, you can make it to where your avatar is unique, same could work for the other games. That way, it would even help to distinguish those places with similar names easier to see their distinct avatars. And it would give them more options for unlockables, goal prizes and potential income for them if they choose certain styles for gems like in FS. You could have special chef hats, coats, hair styles, eyewear, etc., would be quite nice. :)

But for the record, I don't think they are trying to depict that scenario at all necessarily, it may have just been the easy route to go to hopefully avoid any "hate speech issues" on walls and such. May be a possible reason why FS would never have a male avatar, because then it may turn into a "non-straight issue" on walls if certain immature people see a male avatar store. With everyone finally having a block feature soon (I would hope), then maybe it can finally happen. But that's only assuming that's the reason in the first place...may not be. Could just be to make it simple by just having male and female, instead of focusing on race at all.

08-28-14, 04:07 AM
A good point made by LavaRain8 that it may have been the simpler option, but everyone who posted here is absolutely right; there definitely should be other options for avatars! TeamLava are far too big and experienced to be able to claim ignorance on this one. It's not right that the only options are a white male and female. People around the world play this game.

Please add a more varied avatar list to the options in Restaurant Story, and all your games actually. I love playing RS, and would love to see that the developers are anti-discriminatory, just like all humans should be.

It would be win/win/win - a win for your customers, a win for your business, and a win for anti-discrimination.

09-01-14, 06:51 PM
the bots on the Android versions are definitely more diverse than iOS.
A choice of avatars would be awesome; I wish all TL games had the choice of own avatar as you do in Fashion Story, I get that the degree of hairstyle and dress choice in that game is because it's a fashion game but you should be able to choose skin colour, gender, eye colour, hair colour in all games.

11-19-14, 08:39 AM
[FONT=Century Gothic]While I'm glad the topic of the avatars is being discussed I would also like to note the non existent diversity in the floor decorations! Even the MEXICAN dancer is painfully white! I am eagerly waiting to be able to buy any and all colours available, I would adore a little of every colour of our rainbow! Pale white, heavy creamed coffee, double double, dark chocolate, caramel, olive and heck even a sunburnt bright red! There is so many wonderful varieties of us I'm excited to see what and how team lava will bring it to fruition.
That said, I would also love to see more challenges have diversity, only one since I've been playing the game for 10 months has been refreshingly un white washed. I'm sorry, it's white washing, plain and simple. just didnt want to say such a foul thing. I was hoping the thanksgiving family would have been of colour as like I said, white washed...but was disappointed that yet again it was a complete white out. Not even one could have been a different colour? Some families are multicultural and you could have easily made that family one! It's actually what I expect in 2014!
Finally, PLEASE work in Christmas floor decorations with some colour, I'm actually going to be flat out and tell you I would really love to see a little black boy and girl opening gifts or seeing Santas boots in the chimney or making cookies with their black mom or feeding reindeer, or sledding or making a snow man with their white friends or drinking hot coco or ice skating or really I could go on and on ;)
And just an FYI, I'm white! I'm as white as they come and am sick of it being so prevalent everywhere, it's just (ob)noxious.

10-19-15, 02:59 PM
I agree with everyone here. We need more avatar options. Even if they won't be customizable like Fashion Story, at least give a better variety. It is as many people above me have said, all races and cultures play your games, please give some love and recognition to those players.