View Full Version : iOS 8 beta and bingo

06-05-14, 11:39 AM
Understanding iOS 8 is beta, I am encountering problems both on iPhone and iPad. I am unable to purchase 50 keys or 100 boosts as that menu choice will not scroll to the left for me to select them

Also, I cannot scroll to the left to see all of my boost balances The rest of the game thus far is behaving nicely and I didn't encounter any problems retaining my level, ticket eky and boost balance after conversion to iOS 8

Editing to add I am on iPad air on this account and beechsundowner1 account is on an iPhone 5

06-05-14, 01:59 PM
Our games do not support iOS 8 at the moment. If the issue persists once the game is supported on iOS 8, please let us know again.

For now we recommend you install a iOS that does support our games. Thanks!

06-06-14, 04:27 AM
Thanks PikaSquirrel

I figured as much on non support (as it should be since it is beta) but figured to post this so you have an item to be checked into before iOS 8 is released in the wild

As it turned out, if I jiggled the menu choice to the right, that seems to release the frozen bar and allowed me to scroll left. I am able to replicate this on a consistent basis