View Full Version : More recipes for the smoker pit.

06-02-14, 04:04 PM
Does anyone else feel that the smoker pit could do with a few more recipes?

A few suggestions would be something like smoked brisket and pulled pork.

06-03-14, 05:13 PM
The Smoker Pit, Nacho Machine and Outdoor Grill all got the short end of the recipe stick, along with a few others like the Candy Heart and Chocolate Maker. It's not as if they are impossible to create more than 1 recipe for, so it was very weird that they only got 1 each. I think it could do well to add at least two more recipes to each so that they are like the other appliances that typically have at least 3, if not more. I think they recently added one to the drink machine, which was already pretty awesome as it is. No love for these guys. :(

12-16-14, 07:31 AM
Can you guys add a smoked ham and a brisket to the smoker? I know people have asked for this in the past and it is still not done. Why add new machines when there are ones that you can just add more product to?