View Full Version : blocking offenseive community and neighbors

05-30-14, 09:39 AM
Does anyone know if we can/how to block an sexually abusive poster on walls? Would appreciate the help.

05-30-14, 09:50 AM
If you are iOS try this

05-30-14, 10:10 AM
Make sure that you report the person that is doing it as well.

kooky panda
05-30-14, 10:23 AM
If you play on IOS(apple) you can use the block feature. See link igames4me provided in post 2.
If android or kindle fire, you will need to send an email to support@teamlava.com .
Provide your storm ID, the game, the game name of the offender, their storm ID , if you know it and screens of the walls.

Closing thread. Discussing inappropriate in game behavior is not forum appropriate due to privacy reasons.