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05-27-14, 04:03 AM

Just thinking I would throw my ideas on here, and who knows; maybe they get picked for a next major update =) so here goes

1a) I think the gift system needs a long overdue revamp. First off, it would be nice if we would have a larger choice of gifts. There are a lot new items, whilst the gifting options have remained the same throughout the game. So for example we could start gifting mithril, pile of seeds, dragon scale, fairy murmer, troll horn, etc.

1b) Second, I think it could be made more convenient. Right now, you have to visit all your neigbours walls and post "I would like {choice item] as a gift". Can't there be an option in which you 'set' which gifts you would like to recieve at any certain moment and when neighbours visit you, they automatically see this gift list. A wishlist so to speak. This would also help with friendly neighbours who gift me a random choice, say fur, while I actually really needed silver. Or a feature so you could broadcast your request. But I like the wishlist better. When you've got enough gifts of a certain item, you can 'uncheck' that item from the wishlist.

2) I like the social feature from the game i.e. visiting your neighbours. However, I don't feel like I'm really helping them out all that much by clicking on the hearts. Does it really do all that much? Can't there be a stronger reward? Also, the 1-star experience, or the 5gold are kinda sad rewards, especially for the higher level players. Maybe this needs an upgrade aswell? Perhaps we could get random items from visiting?

3) Can you make the inventory system a bit more structured? Say some different tabs per category as in : farming, building, plants, special ,... (just examples). I find it very tedious to scroll through one big inventory to try and locate something.

4) Would it be possible to let us customize our main character? Right now everyone plays the same boy or girl. It would be wonderful when, upon creation of the account for example, you could choose haircolor and style, eyes, lips, and clothing. It would make the game much more personal in my opinion.

5)This maybe too advanced and not the point of the game but I would love to have the buildings customizable aswell. Say, 3 different versions of a kitchen building for example. I know this asks more from the graphic/design team, but shouldn't be too difficult to implement in the code ( I think ;-) ). I would definitly make every kingdom more unique.

6) Are we ever going to continue with the heir to the kingdom storyline? We got the royal chateau etc, but still the baron is king and the story has kind of halted?

06-11-14, 10:51 AM
Wow, you've really given a lot of thought to your requests! I think I've asked for most of this stuff at one time or another too. The only thing not on your list is an increase in energy levels...I think it should be at least 50.

07-17-14, 09:38 PM
I agree with all of these suggestions!

Energy cap should definitely be increased. So much to do, so little energy. Argh!

Adding onto the suggestion about customizing our character, I think it would be cool if we could use our own avatar or thumbnail. Maybe a picture from our camera rolls or something of the sort?

And I definitely agree with the organizing of the inventory list. It's rather frustrating scrolling through everything. Great post!

07-18-14, 04:12 AM
I definitely think we should be able to gift other things. I'm currently on quests to send Bella 25 dark plants and I just don't get the materials I need!

07-23-14, 08:35 AM
I agree with TyrellRose's suggestions, one gift could be wool or red petals. I love the request item suggestion b/c it's been available in other games I've played & it was an awesome way to really help neighbors with surplus materials that I had. Thank you for the game!! I am truly addicted!!