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05-26-14, 03:44 AM
Can't figure this one out

05-26-14, 03:53 AM
Can't figure this one out

05-26-14, 08:16 PM
Level 74: Drop 4 apples in 2 moves. The easiest way to drop Golden Apples is usually to create vertical (column) blasters, and activate them in the column the apple is in. Provided there are no obstacles, the apple will drop straight down. Even if you do have obstacles, like a vine or stump (that only needs one more "hit",) the apple will drop. But if you have a large stump or other, you might have to blast more than once--or use other matches, etc. However, that's not the case on this level. Also on apple levels, it's good to drop the visible apples quickly (because the others won't show up 'til they're gone.)

On Level 74, you have 3 shallow (1-hit) stumps on either side--towards the top of the screen--when you start the level. You need to make a match against at least one of these on each side. In fact, you might want to make sure there's a match that touches the stumps (for each side) when you start the round. If you don't have that, restart the level. Otherwise, if you clear fruit at the bottom, new fruit will not be able to drop in properly, & it'll be super-difficult to clear the stumps.

*Will be back to finish this soon--gotta go for a bit! (Didn't want to lose what I started, lol!)

PS: If you do not know how to make vertical/column blasters (vs. horiz.,) see this thread on controlling blaster direction (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?63896-Ability-to-control-boost-direction) (post #9.)