View Full Version : Opponent *****??

05-25-14, 03:08 AM
I just finished playing in the Egyptian room and my opponent got to break.. And missed.. So then it was my turn and they started moving their cue stick and all of a sudden the hand that pops up when you pocket the white ball or don't hit ur ball... Popped up for HIM! I never even got a turn. He would pocket a ball and if it wasn't at the right angle the little hand would pick up the ball and move it.. He missed.. My turn right ? NO!! His little cue spun around and he grabbed the white ball to line up another shot for himself! I took a screen shot of the loser I mean user. And the game before that made me wait for the player who ditched and I'm back in the lobby out on 10 tickets.. Wth..?

05-25-14, 08:31 AM
Should be able to raise a ticket with the mods here about people you suspect *****ing and let mods monitor them closely.

kooky panda
05-25-14, 02:20 PM
Please send an email to support@sharkparty.com to report this.