View Full Version : Lining up my shot & then all if a sudden it tells me I didn't shoot

05-22-14, 07:44 PM
I was lining up my shot with the timer at 22 seconds. I was about to move the strength bar & got a message: you didn't hit a solid ball, opponent gets ball in hand. I did NOT run out of clock. The opponent then hit the 8 ball in to win the game. I could have won if I could have taken my shot. I lost the game because the game suddenly decided I took a "ghost" shot? What the heck is going on???

[S8] Walt
05-23-14, 10:43 AM
When the timer runs out while aiming a shot, the screen will begin to flash red towards the end of your timer, did you experience this red flash? Additionally, during this match, did you experience any other issues, such as freezing or slow downs, this could be indicative of a connection issue.

05-23-14, 05:22 PM
I'm not sure what is happening. It just happened again, sort of. The first time the screen didn't flash red whatsoever. I did get the issue that the waiting for opponent and when they came back I only had 6 seconds left.

In this match, I hit my solid ball but didn't get it in. I then get a message saying I didn't hit a solid and the opponent has the ball in hand. I also got the message twice waiting for opponent.

This is getting very frustrating!

06-24-14, 01:39 PM
I think this is a bug that *****ers are exploiting, they close the window or something for just the right length of time and it forces your time down whilst it says "waiting for opponent". Then you have a few seconds to shoot which is impossible.

This has happened a couple of times now to me especially in tourneys .

Quite frustrating.