View Full Version : How can I accept friend request?

05-22-14, 10:24 AM
How can I accept friend request?
I can't accept my friend request.

And ADD me plz
ID: christycks

thz a lot

kooky panda
05-22-14, 10:38 AM
Can you provide more details?
Are you trying to accept a new neighbor that sent you an invite?

Are you trying to send a part back to a neighbor that requested something?

05-22-14, 10:43 AM
oh, i don't know how to accept friend request

05-22-14, 12:03 PM
To accept a Friend Request, go to the Menu Button on the bottom left. From there, click on Social, go to Neighbors, and you will see the Neighbor Requests at the top. You are able to accept or decline the neighbor there. Hope this helps!