View Full Version : consent rules

05-20-14, 05:08 PM
i know this game is new, but really need to fix simple rules, i sunk the 8 ball on a break, that is a win, instead it was called a scratch. then on the other end very inconsent rules i was playing someone in a turny and he scratched going for his 8 ball, it did not give me a win it game me ball in hand, in a later turny i scratched on the 8 ball and it got it right by giving me the loss.

other bugs i am sure was addressed b4 me, i pick a game to play with full 50 tickets and after it picks someone it starts spinning again, and again each time i lose my 10 tickets. it bites when you only get so little games to play and you lose 1/2 of your chances without a chance to play

05-20-14, 05:20 PM
just played a turny the guy was running the table on me got to the 8 ball and scratch, did not give him the lose i got ball in hand :(