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05-18-14, 02:13 PM
So tickets are at a premium, and as I've leveled up and encountered better and better players, it can get more frustrating to spend tickets due to running the table.

So I've saved up or spent money to get tickets, go to play a game, and my opponent breaks, pockets one on the break, and then proceeds to run the table. I sit here and watch for 5 minutes or so and then lose. I have no impact on who gets to break, so even if I'm good enough to run the table (which I have yet to do, though I've gotten close) based on the digital flip of a coin as to who breaks, I take the chance every time I spend tickets that I won't even get to play and will get credited for a loss.

At the VERY least, if your opponent runs the table you shouldn't be credited for a loss and you should get to play a rematch immediately with you breaking for no tickets. There are plenty of ways to handle this possibility, but the current situation is just irritating. Why would I spend my money on a game where there's a chance I won't have anything to do but watch someone else play? At least if you're playing pool in a real hall, if your opponent runs the table you'll get to play another match and have an equal shot at running the table yourself. And in the real world, you have some idea of the s**** of your opponent, so if you know there's a chance they'll run the table, you can say "no thanks, I'll play someone else." In this game, all you know when you choose to play a match is that someone will play against you.

05-27-14, 09:37 PM
I think it's ridiculous that we lose our tickets when we don't even get a turn OR the only turn we do get before your opponent wins is breaking. Our tickets should be returned in these cases. You're paying with them to PLAY. That's not exactly playing. Also, it's absurd that practice takes tickets.

05-27-14, 09:43 PM
If you went into a real pool hall and that happened, you wouldn't get your money back.

05-28-14, 01:18 AM
I realize that. But this isn't for money. This isn't a real pool hall. If they want people to keep coming back to play their games, they should let them play it.

05-28-14, 03:08 AM
Completely 100% AGREE. THANK YOU.

05-28-14, 05:24 AM
I don't mind getting beaten when the other player runs the table. Yea, it's a crappy feeling to not even get a turn, but you know that if you run the table on someone else, you are imposing that crappy feeling upon them. I'm also aware that this particular pool app is based on one head to head match. If there is only one game, there is that risk of never getting a turn. It's life.