View Full Version : Updated to KitKat for Android and back to level 1

05-15-14, 10:50 AM

Current support ID is PAF28US.

Firstly, loved this game on iOS so was super excited to see it on Android :)

Was making my way on level like 40 or 50 something. Verizon finally released KitKat for the Galaxy Note 3. Updated and now I'm back to level 1. I like the game a ton so I'd for sure start over but hoping you guys can help me :D


kooky panda
05-15-14, 10:56 AM
If you have a password set up for your storm ID, you can recover your games by logging in.

New Logon on Feature (http://forum.storm8.com/showthread.php?59955-iOS-New-Login-feature-in-Restaurant-Story!-(login-applies-to-all-games)&p=759602&viewfull=1#post759602)

If you do not have a password or have any issues you can send email to support@teamlava.com for assistance in recovering your games.

05-15-14, 11:09 AM
Ah I did not set up an account before updating so I will send an email to that account. Thanks for your help!!

kooky panda
05-15-14, 02:47 PM
Once you get your games back, be sure and set up a storm ID and password under the help section in one of your games.

If you ever have this issue again, or if you get a new device, or even if you want to play your games are two different devices, you will be able to use the login feature quickly, without having to wait for
support. :)