View Full Version : Answered Level 189 Vertical Blaster Action

05-15-14, 10:47 AM
In Level 149, when you get down 4 or 5 levels you encounter a square snake body enclosing dirt that is two blocks square. If you set off a vertical blaster directly above it on the right side, you expect the right two vertical blocks of dirt to get cleared. That does not happen; instead, the top two (horizontal) blocks of the square get cleared. Is this by design?

BTW if all my problem reports are getting to be a nuisance, please let me know......I'll cease and desist, if so.

05-15-14, 12:09 PM
Yes, this is actually intended by design. When you destroy the mining blocks, the open spaces are normally filled with nearby gems. If there are no gems to fill in the space, it'll be filled in with other nearby mining blocks. And no worries on reporting anything to us, we're just glad to be of assistance!