View Full Version : Storing and reusing Energy.

05-14-14, 05:21 PM
Energy seems like a problem for a lot of people. There are times where 40 energy is not enough, and times that I feel like I waste a lot of it collecting from things I don't really need to just to use it up, or when I'm running out the door and realize I have 40 energy to use. So I came up with a bit of an idea.

A new building to store your energy to be used when you need it.

There has been a few different things I was thinking could work out, and all of it could be tweaked for balance reasons.

My first idea was a building that you could store the remained of your energy, and then pull it out later whenever you needed it. You could perhaps limit how much energy that can be stored. It may even leech out of it if left too long.

My second idea was a building that can create energy crates. You can choose to put it say 5, 10, 20 energy into the building and it makes a crate after X hours. You could control how much people can have stored by limiting how many crates they can have.

It will always be more beneficial to use the energy up instead of storing it, as there will be energy loss it either collecting the stored energy, or collecting the crate and then breaking the crate. You will never get exactly what you put in, but I feel as sometimes that energy can be put to better use in preparation for a new release, or in the mornings when EVERYTHING needs to be collected from.

05-20-14, 06:41 AM
It uses a lot of energy to grow crops and feed your animals. I wished they could increase energy levels to 50. But you can always use the wizard school, the greenhouse and one of the dragons also drops energy.

05-26-14, 10:05 PM
Love this idea neozenith, there have been more than a few times I had energy to spare but nothing immediately useful to spend it on.