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05-12-14, 07:30 PM
I am NITESQUEEN formerly known VENDETTA!!
I made this open letter to inform you about certain issues we are having in the game! I dont know if Fire Mocha is listening to all these complaints and questions but somehow I felt I had to speak in behalf of all the BIG DOGS (High LVL Crowners). "CONSIDERATION" main key for a better relationship between Us and FM!!! All these complaints hasnt been resolved. We complain about losing crowns and we ask for our crowns back, its not likely we ask for FREE CROWNS from FM...what we ask is give back oir hard earned crowns!!! Its not yours!!! Its ours!!! We worked hard for those crowns and spent so much time and energy and $$$$ ... What makes it so hard for FM to return them??? Why cant you give consideration to ur players? We dont ask back our gems spent? Name of the game is to earn crowns...we burnt ourselves trying to maxed upgrades which took us months to have a strong base...cost is not funny...having to make 6million coins for one blue wall??? But still we did our part!!! Now that we have reached the maxed everything its high time we crown up and dominate KC...try hard to crown for what??? Lose the crowns we earned and make us spend more gems to build up crowns again? Make us reach a certain point then steal again our crowns??? So frustrating!!! And not easy to gain crowns if your listening and reading this THERE ARE THESE TOP 4 players WHO STAYS ONLINE 24/7 stealing our crowns too non stop and yet we cant revenge them????
Its about time we alliances cease fire and put our hands together to make FM hear us!!! Not a happy player here!

05-12-14, 07:40 PM
1. Game Crashes while searching for battle! Once you get back in you lose crowns!
2. Win a battle, go back to home base finding the crowns you won didnt register!
3. Getting attacked while online?
4. Getting attacked by []
5. Search for crowns but none available? Yet getting bullied by game crashes and lose more crowns than finding them!
6. Not pleasant new feature RH...not all players are happy how the RH looks like! LOL this is a battle field not a Garden full of flowers! Cmon, ur graphic artist can do better than that!

05-13-14, 01:44 PM
Thanks for sharing this and we appreciate the feedback! We understand your concerns with losing Crowns if your game crashes while in battle or choosing an opponent, however, this is necessary to ensure the integrity of the game. We suggest to prevent this from happening by making sure you are connected to a stable connection as well as closing any background applications that are running in the background.

If your Crowns do not register after a win or if you have been attacked while online, this is probably a result of a lost connection with our servers. When this happens, your progress may be reverted to an earlier point in time.

As you increase your rank, it will be more difficult to find players with lootable Crowns as you do to promote a balanced ranking system. This is to prevent any one player from running away with Crowns.

Our team is aware of the tactics of unfair gameplay and are looking into this, but if you would like to report another player, please refer to this post (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?60555-Cheating-in-Kingdom-Clash). Sending in a report will allow us to investigate the account in question and take the appropriate actions. With that said, thanks again and I'll pass along this feedback to our game team.