View Full Version : Game keeps freezing

05-07-14, 06:15 AM
Yesterday whilst playing against someone the message waiting for opponent appeared two or three times, each lasting well over a minute, I did not have an option to get out of the game without losing my tickets. Then whilst playing someone else the message waiting for server appeared even though my internet connection was fine. It then said if you're having problems with connection please leave the game and kicked me off losing my game and tickets. Today I've had the same thing except this time the game resumed but scratched my go when I had done so something completely different before it froze. I've not been playing this game for long and for two out of three days it's just seemed buggy

kooky panda
05-07-14, 09:34 AM

Thanks for the report! We're aware of an issue that happens when your opponent gets disconnected. We're working on a fix for it, but please email support@sharkparty.com if you have any additional concerns.