View Full Version : Level 145 - can it be done without boosts?

05-06-14, 08:33 PM
I've been away from this game for ages and just getting back into it now, I left at level 145 and so here I am, still stuck there.
I've gotten this far without using any power boosts and hoping I can continue on, I know it may take many many goes, does anyone have tips for this level?

05-07-14, 12:47 AM
Yes, this level can be completed without boosts. I looked at my notes, and I think this one took me lots of attempts to pass. But I just went back to play it again, & almost passed on the 1st try (just needed 6 blue candies.) To clarify...are you trying to avoid using the free, recharging boosts, as well? Or do you just want to avoid the extra boosts you have to buy with gold/gems?

This level is actually pretty straightforward, though it can be difficult & take time to hit one of the "luckier" rounds. You want to start with a board that has lots of blue and yellow candies on it (since they're the ones you need most of,) as well as pink. If you see a board with mostly green & orange candies (and no "target candy" matches,) then pause & restart the level. It doesn't take an energy as long as you don't touch anything, and there's no sense wasting moves to get rid of candies you don't need!

2ndly, you'll want to get rid of the Gobblers before they eat up all your target candies. Try to stun/kill them with moves that also accomplish something else (like those that collect high #'d target candies, or create special spaces like Sugar Rush's or Candy Scoops.) It's not always possible, but try to "multi-task" with your moves whenever possible.

3rd, Keep an eye on the "Needed:" candy box, especially after a lot of activity (like a Sugar Scoop that removes lots of candy.) Sometimes, you'll meet the quota for a candy and not realize it--wasting moves getting candies you don't need. It's better to keep an eye on it so you can focus on the candies you still need. Normally, you'll prioritize at the start...focus on collecting blue & yellow candies first, since you need so many more of them. Then grab pinks when there aren't "priority" matches.

These are all basic tips, but they'll help you pass. Also, don't forget to collect the candies after the Sprinkle Cannon has added points to them (or other matches have been made around them, driving the #'s up!)

Good luck, and be sure to ask if you have more questions!