View Full Version : Answered Getting tired of constant loses of items

05-03-14, 05:50 PM
I have lost 7 picks from crashes in the mine. I lost 2 jewels from just not being added after completing a collection of butterflies. I've lost fish and metals but now I just paid for 10 expansion permits and the game did not add them to my barn. It took the money. The constant crashes are making this game unplayable and the loses are anoying

[S8] Regina
05-05-14, 11:44 AM
Sorry to hear about that! Please email support@teamlava.com to discuss your account in detail.

For reference: Do you leave the game running when you exit? This will cause the game to crash the next time you start the game. When you exit the game, please always force-close the app and reopen again.

Please also try closing out applications that are running in the background and clearing your device's cache to improve the game's performance on your device.