View Full Version : Castle Story Social Tools needed ASAP

05-02-14, 02:36 PM
Thank you Team Lava for all you do and for this forum to express our concerns and suggestions! I love playing CS and a lot has much with my fantastic neighbors!

It's wonderful that TL promotes the social aspect & helping others... Nbr's world wide! Love that! However we can't be all that we can be to each other without help from you. We need some improvements asap!

First and foremost we need favorite capabilities! I have many nbr's and I'm sure that many have more than me. I find myself spending hours searching for my favorite nbr's ex: daily visitors, gifters(from months ago due to gifting program... another need for improvement), helpers... Scrolling endlessly to find each & everyone before I can continue playing. I'm at the point because of the tedious scrolling & manually searching there is no possible way to visit all my nbr's in one day! I'm finding it challenging to visit all my favorites!
Can you please help and create at tool in the social part of the game so that we may create our own list of favorites so that we can actually have time to play the game, spend money and help all our nbr's that need help! This would be huge and greatly appreciated by all!

Also a header for our wall... A header that we can change daily or as often as we wish to communicate with all our nbr's when they visit us! Right now we write on our wall & no one scrolls down as our nbr's post msg. If we had a header... A breaking news kind of feed at the top of our wall separate from what our nbr's communicate to us. That would be great and tremendously useful!

Last but not least a way to archive our messages that we want or need to save from our fellow friends & nbr's or atleast a way to send them to our email or export them somehow.

Thank again and I hope improvements can be made asap!! It will be greatly appreciated!