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05-02-14, 04:14 AM
Somebody else has posted this before but the thread is now closed and I really wanted to add my tuppence
worth. I have experienced similar problems, using a touch screen device reliant on Wi-Fi connection sometimes the game slows down/speeds up. Again today I have unintentionally purchased a mystery box for 24 gems, I was buying a counter when a pop up transported me to the mystery box isle and quick as a flash 24 gems are lost. Although the legal rights of digital downloads are unclear, for nearly everything consumers are protected with a right to return unwanted items - I can see how it would be difficult to balance but the frustration experienced when I lose gems has led me to stop purchasing gems across all games as I don't feel my consumer rights are protected.

One simple thing that would help greatly would be a confirmation button when purchasing items with gems, that would have saved me from losing more than half my gems in the bakery today, I would have all my families complete in pet shop story AND I would be continuing to spend my own money on the game. I don't any longer as it does sometimes feel that the set up now is there to trick us slightly. It's such a shame as I greatly enjoy all the games and would be happy to spend if it wasn't for this aspect.

kooky panda
05-02-14, 04:52 AM
Current thread on gem confirmation :

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