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05-01-14, 12:22 PM

Hey everyone! We recently added a new feature to the game, which we hope many of you will enjoy. Have you just finished the the latest case and eagerly awaiting the next one? Prepare for the next case by honing your sleuthing skills with limited-time Challenges! These Challenges allow you to compete to earn valuable coins. The coins can be used to purchase Dogs which will help you solve those extra difficult cases.

In order to have access to these challenges, you will need to download our most recent version of the game:
Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes v1.3 (https://itunes.apple.com/app/id674105088?mt=8&ct=forum)


There are currently three dogs you can choose from, each with a different benefit for you:

Buddy: Buddy has a chance of finding a bit of Energy after a scene.
Coco: Coco has a chance of finding the Refill Hint Boost after a scene.
Max: Max has a chance of finding Energy or Gems after a scene.

Three Dogs are currently in the Shop, and more Dogs will be coming soon!! Please look forward to new and exciting things to purchase in upcoming releases. If you have any questions about this feature, feel free to post below. Enjoy!

05-06-14, 09:07 AM
This looks like fun! How do we play challenges to earn coins? I see the shop where the dogs are but nothing else.

05-26-14, 07:06 PM
I think it's a nice feature, too bad I missed out on 2 of them, but that's just me being buissy. Well done TL!

05-27-14, 11:06 AM
Glad you guys like it! There may not always be a Challenge, but check back frequently! :)

05-27-14, 03:03 PM
I've been playing this game since you rolled it out and really like it. When are these challenges supposed to appear? I've uninstalled and re-installed, but all I see is the shopping cart.

06-14-14, 06:17 AM
Challenge has started! Only one day! It is really fun when you must compete to an other person (random).

06-14-14, 12:58 PM
Challenge has started! Only one day! It is really fun when you must compete to an other person (random).

I saw this 8 hours ago - I had 1 day 10 hours so I think you might get around 2 days to complete it if you get in at the start. I like it.

I've got 19/50 complete so far

06-14-14, 01:27 PM
21/50! I'm enjoying the challenges much more than I expected to :) And now it's time to rest and gather some energy.

06-15-14, 12:23 PM
Finished! On both my games.

06-15-14, 12:55 PM
Yep, finished...this was fun and it was cool to do some old cases. I need a lot of money to buy a dog though.

06-15-14, 09:56 PM
If we get 700 coins for each challenge we can get buddy after 3 more challenges

06-21-14, 11:12 PM
The second (for me) has started yesterday, 31/50..still two more challenges to go after this one!

06-22-14, 10:40 AM
I think that Competition is better! I lost several rounds! I only wonder how it goes, I mean when I lose or win you see it straight away without any delay. How is that possible? I must win one competition and then I have my 50 winnings! Good luck for the ones who are still struggling!

06-23-14, 09:09 AM
On my game, the pictures of my opponent never match the names of the opponent. Is it just my game? When will it be fixed?

06-28-14, 06:12 AM
I really like this, and even managed to finish the last one! But how anyone manages to find 28 objects in 20 seconds beats me. When I panic, I sometimes only find 2, (but I'm using an ipod.)

07-05-14, 05:18 AM
New challenge has started! When I finish this one I can buy the first dog. But I am thinking of waiting to buy the second dog, which is more expensive but perhaps more rewarding? What do you guys think? Wait or buy?

07-11-14, 04:40 PM
11 hours and 20 minutes until the next one. When I've done that I'll be able to get the first dog.

dala12 did you hold off or get the first dog? I'm thinking the first which can find energy might be more useful.

07-12-14, 07:53 AM
I bought the first dog! I liked him and now there is a new challenge and I go for the next one too. That will keep me going for a while! The first dog gives( as it says on the description) energy, it is fun!

07-12-14, 08:31 PM
Does the dog find energy after these challenges as well or just the normal scenes?

I've got to admit I sort of picture it coming up, licking the screen and leaving an energy bolt. Sort of like the dog from candy and jewel mania (except they don't leave energy)

07-13-14, 02:23 AM
Just the normal scenes. He did not appear once now. 25/50!

07-13-14, 03:08 PM
I finished and got buddy. I've completed about 5 normal scenes since and gotten once gotten 2 energy from him. Given that he's level 1 it will be interesting to see if they release an ability to upgrade the dogs and what impact that will have.

07-20-14, 01:06 PM
50/50 going on for my second dog!

08-14-14, 01:40 AM
Good job on getting those dogs guys!

I'm waiting for the next challenge in two days to hopefully finally get Buddy (the retriever). Challenges are hard! It's a time commitment and has somewhat made me fall behind in the regular scenes. I've been playing since it first came out as well and I appreciate the challenges to occupy our time while waiting for new scenes but giving them every weekend has made me fall behind! Hope to catch up soon AND get that dog ��

09-02-14, 09:30 PM
Are the challenges over?? It said in 1 day I think now nothing there

09-11-14, 08:17 AM
I've been waiting for new challenge as well, very disappointed, like the challenges and digital dogs-even bought gems for it, not my normal pattern. Anyone know when challenge coming back?

10-26-14, 11:44 AM
Am I the only one who wonders how these challenges actually work?

I mean, first of all, it's impossible that it is real time vs. another player. Because if that were the case, then when you beat your challenger by like 0:12 to 0:52, you'd have to wait 40 seconds for them to finish. And the scores always pop up the moment you finish. The only way it could actually work PvP is if your score is compared to someone who already finished that scene before you started it. Then your score is what the next player trying that scene has to beat. But I don't think that is the case either, since your opponent always has a name. Like, a real given name as opposed to a storm8 id. But we never entered our names.

So we must be battling the computer, right? So then how does the game decide what our "opponent's" score/time is? Is it totally random? Because it's definitely not like some average time. Sometimes I win 3 objects to 2, and lose 12 objects to 13. So the "other guy's" score is not a medium number. It can be very high or very low and seems totally random to me.

Anyone have any ideas?

11-23-14, 11:11 AM
If the opponent's challenges scores are actually scores that other players get, then my hat is off to the people who can find 28 objects in 20 seconds, or find all 12 in 7 seconds.

03-21-15, 11:45 PM
Hi I love playing the challenges it's really exciting and compelling, however I reallly think that boosts should not be allowed to be used when playing in challenges, coz first it's not fair to a player who is not using boosts, second, there is no point of it being a challenge if players r gonna use boosts! Make sense????