View Full Version : felgrand- in need of active players

04-30-14, 06:59 PM
Hello our alliance felgrand is looking for active players to join us. We have had bad luck of late of people joining getting there name in the war or getting troops and then just leaving and not participating in the alliance. We need some people who are willing to stick with the alliance and help it grow. We donate high level troops from the members who actually can while lower level members still do try to help out with donations. You automatically become an elder after after 700 crowns. We do participate in wars but participation has dropped which is why I'm here to recruit actual active members. I do occasional cleaning of the alliance clearing out names of people I haven't seen participate in months or who no longer play the game. This is just so I can make room for more active members.

The ultimate goal really is to help each other and have fun.

At current we are ranked 373 but I'm sure with some help we could eventually get on the top 50 board.
Recommended troops for donation: archers

Currently 8 open spots.

I hope you come join us have fun and grow together.