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05-24-10, 10:07 AM
This is a speed farming guide, as the title indicates. If you are not interested in speed farming, this guide will be of no use to you. Flame if you wish... the fact of the matter is, the math is and has continued to be correct, as well as appropriately detailed. I share this guide simply because it is tested and highly effective.

Here is my completed guide concerning how to speed farm gold and experience using either Strawberries or Raspberries. If you are looking for a detailed list of every other crop item in the game, then I would recommend taking your chances with one of the dozens that other people have posted. Just be sure to double-check the math for yourself. Concerning speed farming, however, here is my math:

E = Expense
R = Revenue
X = Experience
T = Time


R - E - 10 = Profit (accounting for the cost of plowing one tile of land)

The equation for profitability overall is:

P / T

Perhaps an even more important equation will determine how quickly you are able to farm experience. It is:

X / T

However, you will notice that (for example) in the case of Raspberries, this equation tells you that you will gain 0 experience points every hour. This is incorrect, since you are, in fact, gaining plowing experience every time you plant your field. Therefore, the modified equation to help us determine experience over time is:

(X / T) + (1 / T) = X/T

Now, if you wish to consider how long it takes to plow a field (roughly 2-3 minutes overall, if you are speedy) then we must factor in some additional variables, such as the following:

A = Actual Time
L = Labor (roughly 1 second for two passes)
S = Farm Size (either 100, 121, 144, or 169)

While these new variables will certainly not effect crops with longer growing timers, it has a huge effect on the values that matter in speed farming. The result (for Raspberries) is an equation that looks like this:

A = T + ((L * S / 60) / 60)

So, for Raspberries, the whole thing looks like this:

E = 0
R = 20
X = 0
T = 1/60 = 0.02
A = 0.02 + ((1 * 169 / 60) / 60) = 0.06
P = 20 - 0 - 10 = 10
P/A = 157 (round)
X/A = 16 (round)

Here is the math for Strawberries:

E = 0
R = 30
X = 1
T = 5/60 = 0.08
A = 0.08 + ((1 * 169 / 60) / 60) = 0.13
P = 30 - 0 - 10 = 20
P/A = 154 (round)
X/A = 15 (round)

Compare these values to those of any other crop item, you will see the potential value of speed farming.

My advice is threefold:

1 - Stick to crop items, and avoid trees/animals.
2 - Avoid excessively decorating your farm.
3 - Plan ahead when you are going to take a break from farming**

**To more fully this statement, please consider that every calculation listed above assumes that you will be harvesting and replanting your crops as soon as they ripen. However, if you plant Blackcurrants, and you come back to them in 6 hours rather than 4, then you have essentially lost out on some potential profit where you could have planted Cabbages. After all, Blackcurrants on a 6 hour timer with the same variables are much less valuable. Therefore, your best bet is to plant the most valuable crop item that corresponds with how long you will be away. When you come back, plant a few rounds of Strawberries, then plant some Blackcurrants (or whatever else).

I hope this helps clarify a few things, at least in terms of how to deal with fast growing crops.

05-24-10, 10:17 AM
Looks like some good details... tho I dunno how practical speed farming really is. Still, nice job.

05-24-10, 04:09 PM
xp are only good for moving up levels. Right now the max is 31 levels. Levels only open up new crops/animals/decor/trees etc. You hit level 31 around 50,000 xp. So after that they do you no good until the developer opens up new levels.

05-24-10, 05:24 PM
i agree and did the same thing in a excel spread sheet. i found raspberries are the most profitable but are hard to harvest constantly for example my farm is 13x13 that means 169 taps to harvest 169 to plow and another 169 to seed thats over 500 taps to plant my farm one time through. strawberries are the next profitbale and the most reasonable since the 5 minutes gives me a break. also i learned a tip...if u tapped all the squares that u want seeded but the game hasent yet planted them, u can go to someone elses farm to water and when u come back all ur seeds are planted. this doesnt work for plowing and collecting.
for longer harvests blackcurrent is the most profitable than cabbage, broccoli and carrots.

so it goes like this rasperies and strawberries (sometimes i do half and half to decrease all the tapping).
then blackcurrent for a 4 hour break
cabbage for a 6 hour break(while im at work)
broccolli for an 8 hour break(while sleeping)
carrot for a 3 hour break(if i dont want to stay up an extra hour for the blackcurrent)

in general crops are by far the most profitable animals and trees dont come close.
and xp is irelivant because u rease 1 xp everytime u plow and u will plow far more times planting raspberries and strawberries than u will with other things.

05-24-10, 05:33 PM
This is why I water raspberries than strawberries first when watering for other people. You get $20 for each crop that ihas been watered not matter what the plant is so raspberries doubles from $20 to $40.

05-25-10, 11:21 AM
I wonder whether it really matters what plants you water on another person's farm. Don't you get the same bonus no mater what the plant is?

I can see how, if there was some constant watering action happening, faster = better. But, since you can only water 5 or 10 times each day on each farm, where does the added bonus come from?

05-25-10, 04:15 PM
Its simply! Just plough all your land (no exception) then plant Strawberries, use these to get money quickly. Experiment with planting the entire field to get your level up. As soon as you can plant Cabbage, plant the entire field and watch them grow. It only takes 6 hours to get a nice amount of coins. Keep this up until you can afford the extension of 11x11 and then too 12x12. U gotta then either use either gems or coins to purchase the 13x13 extension. Either way once you have your 13x13 extension, get farming. I would just keep planting Cabbage or Broccoli as these are the best cash crop that take the least time to go.

I'm aiming for 500,000 coins before i plan any type of decorations. This will give me a Farm House, a Barn, a Tool Shed a Grain Silo and tons of other stuff, cool !

Peace and farming, add me spunky001 but the names Siddy

05-27-10, 07:49 AM
Shaw, did you take into account that animals take HALF space and therefore all data should be doubled?

05-27-10, 10:15 AM
Yes... in fact chickens need to be quadrupled. However, they still are far less valuable than crop items.

05-28-10, 06:32 AM
Yes... in fact chickens need to be quadrupled. However, they still are far less valuable than crop items.

But cows are very good for XP. :)

05-29-10, 09:16 AM
As others have posted before here is a spreadsheet with the cost/exp of ploughing factored in, sorted asc by time.

Crop Profitability (Including ploughing)

The min/max plant order I would use would be Strawberries(5min) -> Grapes(8h)/Lemon Cucumber(16h) -> Cabbage(6h)/Black Currant(4h)/Broccoli(8h). If you are going to be away for 24h+, I would stick to Soy Bean(24h) -> Spinach(48h). Like the OP mentioned, I would stick to the most profitable crop that fits into your time schedule.

05-29-10, 12:34 PM
Animals are worth it for the sound effects alone!

05-31-10, 08:12 AM
If you have plenty of cash, there is actually a MUCH faster way to get to max level.

1. Plant corn.
2. Don't wait for corn to grow, just immediately sell (delete) all fields.
3. Plow fields.
4. Repeat

Corn only costs 35 to plant, and it gives you +4 XP. Plowing costs 10, and gives +1 XP.

Assuming you have 13 x 13 field, each round will cost you 7605 gold, and will earn you 845 XP.

NOTE: This method will NOT make you money, and will eventually make you broke, but if you just want to level fast, this is the fastest way to earn XP.

05-31-10, 08:25 AM
and Soy bean need to be added to the list :)

05-31-10, 09:40 AM
You can instantly complete plowing/planting queues by rebooting the app as well - not just by watering other farms!!

Good job with the guide!

Add me: Reece22345

06-05-10, 12:06 PM
I've just made a FarmStory layer with each item profitability...

Enjoy !

06-06-10, 08:49 PM
Thanks for the tips, should help me loads :)

06-06-10, 08:54 PM
Very well done.