View Full Version : candy mania level 140 HELP!!!

04-21-14, 12:38 PM
need help with level 140

04-22-14, 03:03 AM
For level 140:
Start with lots of pink candies on the board, including some horizontal matches with a candy (candies) inside the peppermint sticks. If you don't have many pink candies or matches that will "crack" the peppermint onscreen, restart the round and get a board that does.

You have to break the peppermint sticks to get the candies "matching like crazy," which drives up the numbers on the pink target candies. The Sprinkle Cannons add points to the candies, too (once the peppermint sticks aren't blocking them.)

Try to make the best matches you can. Choose the highest #-value pink candies, or matches that create special spaces (espec. Sugar Scoops or Blasts--5 or more candies.) Or try to get rid of lots of non-pink candies at once (to make more pinks fall in!) Also have to watch out for the jawbreakers the gummy bear throws. If it lands where it'll block candies from falling, get rid of it fast!

Good luck! I haven't played this level in awhile. Let me know if you need more help and I'll play again (to go for 3 stars! ;))