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04-20-14, 05:49 PM
Dear Teamlava,
after several months of stagnancy of the development for android-user you should be honest to us and with yourself and accept, that you are either not willed or not capable to develop an up-to-date android-version of our beloved dragon story.
This results in angry android users, that are presented new iOS-features over and over again and a nerved iOS community, that has to answer the android-user's questions about these features with an recurring "sorry, only for iOS.".
There is no single advantage for that we can still interact.

So if you would split the game into two independent games (just sharing their graphics), create two independent communities with own forums and run the two games on non-cenncted servers, you would stop people from asking for new version, you can introduce your weekly iOS-updates withour any questions of enviousness and have two independent communities, that would fairly pay for your game.

And win-win-situation for anyone.

kooky panda
04-21-14, 05:33 AM
Thank you for your feedback.

Please share any questions or comments you have in Forum Disputes.
Please see Android Parity thread (http://forum.storm8.com/showthread.php?53559-Feedback-Android-parity-discussion-Part-4&p=741356&viewfull=1#post741356) for more information.