View Full Version : Suggestion of next Valentines day...and mystic map requests

04-19-14, 06:30 PM
G'day Team Lava,

Just a quick suggestion for Valentines...I know it isn't possible to breed with either an Infinity or a Passion...maybe you should allow them to breed with each other and say get a "Forever After" dragon or some such. Both have heart shaped types so it would be fitting...

Also with Mystic map requests is it possible to add a "select all" button or tick box or something. I can't think of any reason why in DS you wouldn't want to send a Map request to all your neighbours but I do know it is bloody frustrating ticking over 100 little boxes so you can send it to all your neighbours...I use an Android device so if you do put them in can you include Android in the development, that would be awesome...

Thanks guys,

MickeyD :)