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04-18-14, 02:19 AM
It would be nice, if the mod posting events, goals, updates etc could put what LEVEL players qualify for the items or events in question. Twice in the past few days I wasted time posting asking how to start events and even turning my device on and off only to find out that I could not get any of the new items and was not a high enough level to start an event. Think of all the useless comments you would save on the thread! Not to mention the frustration it would save all of your newer players!!! Please think about it. Thanks.

04-18-14, 02:32 PM
I thought the lvls 2 start everything was always posted. I know that in the cookbook it tells u what lvl is necessary.

04-19-14, 05:49 PM
Well I just started Dragon Story for the gems (and also because my mom plays anyway). They are having an easter event, and posted a pic of a pop-up we were supposed to get. My sister and I were racking our brains trying to figure out why we didn't get it. (she had to restart after being lvl 131 due to a new phone and her account not transferring). We both restarted and deleted and re-downloaded trying to play, only to find out it is only for level 20 and above. We were among several that asked about it on the forums, but understandably everyone was excited asking event related questions and it took 2 days to get an answer.
Soooooo, after that I was super excited to see new wallpapers, items, etc, on RS and BS. Like a big dummy I assumed the new items, being of a holiday nature, would be open to everyone. NOPE, I am too low a level for those items as well. It's just a real bummer. So it would be nice if when events start, or new items are released, it would say "for lvls 80+" or whatever. Then us noobs can collectively go "AW MAN!" Instead of freaking out and restarting our devices and waiting 2 days for some mod to finally say, oh yeah, you can't play, you're just a noob :p