View Full Version : Seriously??!!!!

04-17-14, 06:17 PM
WHEN will there be new recipes? The last I can recall was Valentine's, 2013 with the heart coffee and cocoa muffins. It has been over a flipping year!!!! A YEAR!!! Why? ANSWERS PLEASE!!!! :mad::mad::mad:

04-17-14, 06:27 PM
Wow, this got moved super fast to the suggestion page! It isn't a suggestion, it is a question. Which has been talked about, asked, requested, so many times, and for well over a year, nothing happening with the new recipes..... Nothing...

kooky panda
04-17-14, 06:31 PM
Since members cannot answer this question this forum is a best forum for a staff member to see your request for more recipes.

04-26-14, 03:29 AM
Well..I've certainly noticed the difference between this game & RS and FS. RS & FS have new things out ALL the time! And if I see one more table design with a clear top...I understand the ballroom tables but the recent Easter & other previous ones...no. C'mon TL..AND why don't you at least acknowledge EVERYONE'S suggestions. I've suggested twice to bring back the starry pink wallpaper with no word back from you.

04-29-14, 07:19 AM
Bakery Story is dying without new recipes. It's a sad sad situation.