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04-17-14, 07:46 AM
Okay, first let me say I'm not sure if this is even the right category to post this in, and if its not, I apologize, but I was just wondering...

1- why is it that on android based devices, when they give us a "goal" of installing and playing a game, we are given a reward of gems or xp, but on ios devices we're not ?


2- Why is it that certain games (like restaurant story Ski lodge for example) is available on androids but not ios devices ?

Now, on to my suggestions for the games......

1- If we're able to sell furniture and decor we no longer want, then we SHOULD be able to sell unwanted wall and floor coverings.


2-We should be able to move the position of the door to our restaurant

(these suggestions are also for ALL "Story" games where we have to build something inside a store/restaurant)

Other than that, I LOVE the games !