View Full Version : Answered Crops not going into silo

04-17-14, 06:16 AM
I've actually been having this problem for a couple of weeks, sporadically. It's getting worse, and at this point, making the game unplayable.

I can harvest crops (and it happens to random crops, this morning it just happens to be red peppers) and then go to use them (immediately after harvesting) and they're not there.

Some times after a second harvest of the same crop they will show up.

With the side shop problem I am restarting the game several times a day. I've deleted and reloaded the app - nothing is fixing it.

I'm on an ipad2 and I don't know the version #, but I just updated when the water garden (?) came out.

Please help! :)

04-17-14, 11:45 AM
Hi wino_o,

We have looked into your account and found no issue receiving the correct amount of crops in the Silo.

As for the Side Shop, this is a known issue that the Development Team are looking into. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

04-20-14, 05:49 AM
I have done 3 harvests on wheat - NONE has gone into my silo. Can you please explain why?

I plant - harvest - go to mill to make flour and it shows I have no wheat.

I have room in my silo. But after planting/harvesting 3 separate times, I still show no wheat.