View Full Version : Answered My cheats for daily tournament disappeared & daily tickets disappeared too!

04-11-14, 02:58 PM
After logging in for the day I got 51 free tickets for the day and my tournament win cheats (2) then it said processing.......and then I closed the app and when I reopened it. I had 0 everything! Please help! I started out with 4 cheats 3 lets and 50 tickets already. So technically I lost 100 tickets, 6 cheats and 3 keys.

04-11-14, 03:58 PM
Sorry to hear this happened! You mentioned you saw a processing screen, it sounds like you experienced a sync error in the game. Make sure you're playing on stable connection to avoid these sync errors that may occur. When these occur, your game may revert back a few minutes causing you to lose items you received.

Please write to support for your other lost tickets and items at support@teamlava.com, thanks.