View Full Version : Tools within game to assist with over 200 neighbors

04-10-14, 11:27 AM
I would like to see more tools within the game to assist us with managing hundreds of neighbors. The first frustration for many neighbors is the limited gifting process. Some neighbors have a backlog of returning gifts for more than 3 months. My suggestion is to match the same number of gifts received with the number to send. Example, 10 gifts limit to send and 10 to receive daily.

I find it awkward to reject new neighbors. I currently have 500 friends. It would be helpful to have a search address bar in the friends list, to find neighbors quickly. Instead of this endless scrolling up and down the list that is tedious and time consuming. Or, perhaps we can put a star next to a neighbor's name in a favorite column.

Finally, it would be nice to be able to save 10 posts on our wall. If there are posts that I want to keep, within a few hours it is deleted by the game.

Thank you, Castle Story is wonderful and addictive. Please help us manage the social aspects of the game.

04-15-14, 08:27 AM
I agree... This is a great part of the game but can be frustrating trying to manage the social part which is a key component.

I think that the level of gifts received should stay at 20 however I strongly believe the amount of gifts daily should be increased to a minimum of 5 or 6 gifts a day. 10 would be perfect but I wouldn't want to ask fir too much ☺️

The ability to mark our favorites or manage our friends/neighbor list would huge! We could actually have time to help all our neighbors each day. Allowing us a feature to make a favorites list do that we may visit our loyal kingdoms first would be fabulous. Also a speed key to post on neighbors walks to know we visited & helped with out having to type each one each time.

Thank you for your post and suggestions and thank you Team Lava for hearing out suggestions and utilizing them fir improvements to the game