View Full Version : Answered "Power Cord" bubbles not switching on, level 232

04-08-14, 03:16 PM
iOS 6.0.1, Bubble 1.6.1
Level 232, Faerie Springs.
Hitting the power bubbles, that should "switch on" the bubbles, but is only working sporadically. Tried restarting the phone and have restarted BubbleMania.
Making very hard to move beyond this level.

04-08-14, 04:05 PM
Ahh I see you've run into the devious combination of "Flip-Flop" and "Light" Bubbles.
This is one of the most challenging obstacles you will encounter in Bubble Mania.

Every time you throw a bubble, flip-flop bubbles will switch to a new color before the bubble hits.
You have to watch the level every toss and memorize the pattern (having a little notepad handy helps, but they tend to change between 2 colors in most situations).

On this particular level, there are bubble groups that are both lights and flip-flops. The Switch bubbles will only turn on flip-flop lights that are currently the same color as them as they pop. So you actually don't want to hit a switch when a group of flip-flop lights matches the Switch's color as you throw, but when they are about to switch to the switch's color.

So say one group of flip-flop lights is currently teal, and you know it is about to turn purple. If you throw at a teal switch, those lights will change to purple, and the switch will be popped but will "switch on" nothing. However if you instead throw at a purple switch, the flip-flop lights will change to purple and then be activated! Once flip-flop lights have been activated, they will stay on as they change color and be able to be popped just like normal flip-flops.

I hope this is helpful! Good luck!