View Full Version : Accessing Old Goals

04-08-14, 01:04 AM
Is there any way to access Old Goals? Please Team Lava we want to open up old goals like birthday party, under the sea, etc. Why does they still show up in the menu if can never reach them? :(

04-08-14, 02:24 AM
I'm with you on that!

04-08-14, 02:45 AM
Unfortunately once the goals are over the items cannot be unlocked. The items still show up as other players have unlocked them and need to access them

08-07-14, 09:57 AM
Sorry but I don't believe they can't be unlocked if the devs want to. There are goals I missed for one reason or another and now can see the recipes that belonged to the goals but have no way of unlocking. Either reissue the goals or offer the recipes for gems. I, for one, tho I horde my gems, would be more than willing to pay out to access these recipes.