View Full Version : Level 137 HELP!!!

04-05-14, 10:12 AM
Need help, seems impossible to get all the blocks

04-05-14, 02:07 PM
Start each round with matches that crack jawbreakers (flat matches against them, so that you're hitting at least 3 jb's at a time.) Also, make sure there's a decent amount of pink candies showing on the board, as well. If you don't have a good starting layout, restart the level (doesn't use energy if you don't make a move.)

With every move, try to match/unwrap pink candies or break jawbreakers--preferably, do both at once! Focus mainly on the jawbreakers though, except to collect high-numbered candies or to make 5+ candy matches like Sugar Blasts & Sugar Scoops. (The jb's are definitely the more difficult part of this level.) As you get further into the round, you can gauge how things are going. If you've got most of your candies collected, you can focus even more on the jawbreakers. If you've broken them down a lot & you have just the last "layer" of jb left, but you're running out of moves? Then your free Sugar Blast boost would come in handy (but don't use unless you're sure it'll help you win--takes 24 hrs to recharge.) Place it in the spot that'll take out the most jawbreakers and/or candies. Use matches on any remaining jb or use your Candy Wand on a stubborn one with no match nearby.

Not every round is "lucky," but you'll hit a good one, don't worry. Just keep knocking those jawbreakers down, and you'll pass soon--Good luck! :)