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01-17-11, 11:54 AM
Ok, I built my city, expanded as much as I can. Now what? Are they going to enhance it more? Put new things for us to build? Now this is boring. I am not spending real money to buy city cash to get a stupid case either. Why can't they just add new things to build??? I am throwing in the towel. Lame!

01-19-11, 03:57 AM
You said updates weekly your way behind

01-24-11, 06:47 AM
Not that they do, stop developing new games and enhance the older ones. I agree with many posts on this site, you need to keep your "Customers, Interested" Because that's what we are and a good company will do that.

01-24-11, 06:57 PM
Game has to update and evolve! Someone's asleep at the wheel! Boring!!!!!!

01-24-11, 07:04 PM
At least try to keep us interested without having to pay extra for some unknown ****!

01-25-11, 12:37 AM
The 3 devs who started this co., were former Facebook employees. They obviously didn't learn anything about business management while they were there. They need to take some business ethics courses. I have a feeling that their target market is well under 30. A majority of them do not stay with games, but move on to the next one as they get bored easily. I think TL counts on this and this could be a reason they keep making new games instead of enhancing their existing ones. They need to rethink their money grabbing strategy. Even the gaming blogs are starting to mention that the games are not worth spending real cash.

01-25-11, 02:18 AM
To TL needs Educating.

I think you are spot on there my friend, I couldn't have put it much clearer.

02-02-11, 07:40 AM
Like so many here i have expanded to full capacity and i am only missing the Empire State Building to complete all buildings. I am looking at expanding my citizen count but beyond that i don't really know whats up for the future of my town.

I have spent in excess of 100$ on this game and if you (Team Lava) would like to "keep" ur customers then i suggest you look beyond just a profit and instead having a customer satisfaction in mind. We (the customers) are after all paying for your development team and staff Simple as that!

Take care of US and we will take care of YOU!