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04-03-14, 11:23 AM
Suggestion Summary:
I would love to have the ability to advance time in my entire kingdom by X hours.

Sometimes, I have so many crops, resource buildings, crafting buildings or Castle Quests that are oh-so-close to finishing, but real life gets in the way, and I'm unable to collect the needed crops, collect from coin/resource/crafting buildings, or collect from my Castle/Barracks quest(s).

Suggestion Details:

I would love to have a clickable magic crate (purchasable or earned) or kingdom building (purchasable or earned) that allowed me to advance my entire kingdom's clock by "X hours". This would fast-forward all crop growing, resource collection assets, building recharge, crafting time, and Castle/Barracks quest time.

"X hours" would be defined by weighing the overall advance timer gem costs, overall game balance, and accessibility to an Advance Time feature.

If the Advance Time Feature took the form of a magic crate similar to the energy crates, then:

It could be a storable item in a user's Inventory.
It would have a one-time use once opened and claimed.
It could be a reward drop from a Castle/Barracks quest with a rare or ultra rare drop frequency.
It could be purchased from the Market for a yet-to-be determined amount of Gems.

If the Advance Time Feature took the form of a Kingdom Building, then:

It could be a gem-only purchase building similar to the Wizard School, but for 600 Gems.
It could be a quest-reward building, but required an extensive and challenging series of quests to achieve, and intensive resources to build it and/or upgrade. This would have to be a Level 30+ mission, since low level players may lack the resources or in-game key Character access to progress a truly epic storyline (i.e. the Ruler, Old Thomas, Griselda, the Faeries and/or the Blythewood Faeries all working together. Maybe travel through the Glimmergate again.)
It could have a 7 day timer similar to an Alicorn to prevent game abuse.
It could also function like a Crafting building (instead of a Wizard School), where the Advance Time feature had to be crafted (like making a Time Crate) using rare or ultra rare ingredients. The gathering of resources could also limit/prevent game imbalance. The Time Crate could be stored.
The "X Hours" Advance Time could be limited to prevent game imbalance. (NOTE: If the Advance Time building functioned like a Crafting building, then perhaps there could be scalable Time options, like 2 hour, 4 hour and 6 hour Time Crates.)

Some Goals of the Advance Time Feature:

REVENUE: Create a new feature / consumable item that increases Gem purchases (if it's available only in the Market.)
RETENTION: Create a new quest targeting higher level players to increase retention. This should be positioned as a long-term quest, and not just something that can be completed in several weeks.
GAME BALANCE/INVENTORY ECONOMY: If the Advance Time Feature is a craftable item within a (purchasable or earned) Kingdom building, then the crafting resources to create the Advance Time Feature could serve as a resource drain for veteran players with maxed out inventories.

Success Criteria:

Gem Purchases increase due to consumable purchases or from players that buy gems to advance ahead.
Retention rates increase due to players having a new long-term goal.
Economy/Game Balance - Average of Level 40+ players inventories drop.

Just a suggestion.