View Full Version : How to increase my number of daily tickets?

04-02-14, 05:52 PM
When I wait for my tickets to come back after the time limit it says 19. I have seen on other devices it says 21 or 22. What determines the number for daily tickets and collection bonus? Please and thank you

04-02-14, 06:05 PM
Your Daily Bonus consists of a Level Bonus and a Collection Bonus. It will increase as you level and also will increase as you complete more Collections in different rooms. They will not increase for each level, it will increase after several levels. When completing Collections, your Collection Bonus will go up in different amounts as well.

05-15-14, 12:39 AM

I was wondering at which levels your level bonus increases, because my level bonus hasn't increased in approximately 15 (if not more, but that's when I started noticing) levels. I'm on level 66, have completed 5 collections, and am only getting 38 new tickets per day, which isn't nearly enough to play more than a few games considering that all but 1 level require 7 tickets per game, and you only get the same amount of tickets for winning as you used for the game itself (also that the chances of you winning all the cards you play in a single game are highly unlikely).

Thank you.