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04-01-14, 03:01 PM
How about some Passover items and recipes??
I have been playing BS and RS for a few years. I love the games, and, as much as I think that the Easter items are lovely, I think it would be nice to include items (and recipes...there are so many) for those players who do not celebrate Easter. There are many Passover decor items and recipes that could be offered, in addition to the Easter items. I am curious as to why Passover is never included in the game themes. I would be interested to hear the opinions of other players. Thanks...

Please leave this post on the main message board. I notice that there are questions about Easter goals, and they have not been removed. Thanks.

04-01-14, 04:46 PM
I have moved this to the suggestion forum which is the appropriate place for it.

04-01-14, 06:53 PM
Ooh I'd love that! I can see square matza tables with matching chairs and counters for RS and circle ones (shmura) for BS. There's a lot that can be done there, they never touched this holiday in these games, it's a much bigger holiday than Hanukkah, they need to add related items. Really wish I could draw I can pictures items in my mind and can make a whole Passover theme.

04-01-14, 07:10 PM
Here are some ideas. I was gonna post it in the RS thread of this topic but it got shut before I saw it, so I'll post it in the bakery thread of this topic:

Stove: Matza ball soup recipe would be lovely and totally classic. Hard Boiled Eggs. Harosset (apples, walnuts, raisins spread). Bitter Herbs.

Oven: Matza (square). Matza Shmura (circle). Honey Glazed Salmon.

Decor: Seder Plate. Passover Holiday Meal (with a family sitting around the table).

04-01-14, 08:14 PM
Sorry there's been a bit of confusion with the threads on this topic (my bad). The first thread on the topic by goofy is here (http://www.forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?66856-Variety-of-holiday-recipes). CuteTali I've noticed that you've already put those suggestions in that thread so I won't move them across.

Once again sorry for the confusion.