View Full Version : Newspaper and Shop possible big/issue

03-30-14, 08:22 AM

Yesterday I sold a lot of items. I never had more than 2 pages in my newspaper. Today, I have 2 items that would sell instantly just sitting there. I also only have 1 page in my newspaper. It seems I have been "categorized".

Is this working as intended? Can this be confirmed as to how selling works? It doesn't seem fair that if you sell a lot of items you get punished by getting your newspaper scaled down. I am a developer and I am pretty sure this is intentionally designed this way fair or not. Can you please be up front about how the newspaper works?

IMO everyone should get the same functionality. My daughter has the same functionality I had originally and I showed her some tricks to buying/selling. I'm sure the same thing will happen to her. Anyone else having this same issue?

We love the game but it would be a shame if we couldn't sell anything anymore. It would certainly reduce the time we spent playing.

03-31-14, 01:20 PM
Are you sure you only have one page? I had this problem a while ago, and what happened was I brushed the screen and the newspaper was stuck part way between the two pages and the arrow was grayed out. Just swipe the newspaper and it should go to the other page.

05-11-14, 10:50 AM
I don't have the newspaper problem at the moment, but I have a big problem with my side shop. I don't think this is a bug. It seems intentional. I can only collect from 1 - 4 out of 5 slots at any time. My items sell immediately if allowed to. Why would they not want us to sell much? This has spoiled the game for me. It has been going on for ages. I would like to know why.