View Full Version : Are you for real on the wait time?

03-29-14, 05:19 PM
I downloaded Bingo to get gems in another game. To my great surprise, i played a few games and it was kinda fun. I thought i may have had a keeper, but then i ran out of cards.... Are you for real with the wait time? Thats ridiculous by anyones standards. Whats the point in a game you cant play for a day???

03-31-14, 11:20 AM
Thanks for your feedback regarding the time it takes to earn more tickets. You can earn more tickets through daily log in bonuses. :)

Please note that while we may provide you with opportunities to try out our other games, we do not have Goals that reward in game benefits for downloading or playing our other games.

07-01-14, 02:03 PM
Agreed... was probably going to keep playing but the wait time to get 20 tickets is waaaay too long.