View Full Version : Modifying Neighbor List

03-26-14, 10:14 PM
It would be very helpful to be able to choose between seeing our neighbor list in both alphabetical order and by star rating. If we could click something and can switch back and forth between the two. That would make tipping my daily tipping neighbors a lot less time-consuming because i wouldn't have to scroll through those who don't tip as often (or not at all. I have non-tipping nbrs and that's fine with me). :-)

Also, if we could sort our own neighbors list for gifting. If we could put them in a "prefers food" category and a "prefers parts" category. Also a "gift all" option for each category so we can mass gift without having to worry about accidentally sending food to someone who wants parts or vice versa.

04-05-14, 02:02 AM
I like the idea. But I think rather than having categories like 'preferes food', there could just be a 'favourites' category, for the people you visit, tip and gift the most. I'm just thinking that this would be less confusing. :)

And a lot of players have been asking for a 'select all' button for sending gifts, it's just a question of when will TL actually add the feature to the game.