View Full Version : 'Grassy' tile for coins...

03-25-14, 10:09 PM
Really wish TL would give us a grassy tile for coins, would help so many of us site all those fountains, LOL
correct me if I'm wrong but the only one we have now is 'meadow' which costs gems...
We do have sand and water finish tiles for coins, so c'mon TL give us a grass tile for coins and complete the set...with spring round the corner a lot of us will be needing this...

03-26-14, 05:21 AM
that would be awesome. i'd love to have a garden in my bakery!

03-26-14, 05:45 PM
Most Definitely is needed even more so w the popcorn items we just got since u really wouldn't c a kettle popcorn stand inside.

03-26-14, 05:57 PM
Popcorn on the floor... how delightfully messy. *incredulous eye roll*

I don't feel like counting, but the ratio of realistic vs. what-the-really?! floor tiles is a bit... off. O_o

I already bought a bunch of meadow tiles. :-( But I'd love to see a grass tile for anyone who hasn't. :-)

03-26-14, 07:13 PM
I'd love some grass tiles too. Like the ones in restaurant. Don't mind if it's a gem a tile but not 2 per tile.