View Full Version : Answered Please help! Did expansion, taken my permits etc but now not showing expansion!

03-24-14, 10:50 AM
I just did an expansion near the pond, I'm aiming for the station so did the one just below my treehouse.

I clicked expand, the square cleared and showed a patch of grass and a tree. I clicked the grass but don't have a spade so left it there, clicked the tree and then on the saw to chop it down, the loading chicken then showed up and my expansion disappeared!

So the game is now showing that I have not expanded that square but it has used up the permits, deeds etc.

Please can you either give me the resources back so I can try it again, or open that square for me? It takes so long to gather up enough things to expand so I'm pretty annoyed about loosing them.

kooky panda
03-24-14, 10:51 AM
Please send an email to support@teamlava.com so an agent can check your game.

(First try restarting your device to see the expansion or permits come back )

03-24-14, 01:50 PM
We are currently investigating this issue. Please be sure to send support support@teamlava.com an e-mail with this inquiry, and include any screenshots to verify the location of your issue.