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03-23-14, 02:43 PM
1. Your device (iOS, Android, please be as specific as possible) and it's version number(check under settings-device )
iphone 5 ios 7.1
2. Your games version (this can be found on the bottom of the Help/FAQ page)
Farm Story 2 1.7.2
3. A descrip tion of the problem, and what you were doing when the problem occurred
crops are disappearing. I'll plant and harvest crops (at this time, it is sugar cane). I'll go to process it and the total will be zero instead of what I've harvested. I'll either plant more or have more to harvest. So I'll harvest those. My totals will reflect what I just harvested. I'll look in the plane hangar and the totals will be zero. I'll go back to the processor (in this case, the mill) and my totals will be zero. What I've noticed over the past several days is that I'll lose crops in general. I'll harvest until it says my silo is full. Then in a couple of minutes, I'll run the sickle over the crops again and more will go into the silo without benefit of me processing or selling anything. I've lost probably 20 sugar canes, as a minimuim, just today.

I've ended the processes on all things in my phone, rebooted my phone, re-entered the game and still the totals are zero.

03-24-14, 01:36 PM
Hi moiraitq~

We have looked into your account and tested the crops. We were able to collect the correct amount of crops while harvesting and found no issue with your account. If you still see that you are losing your crops, please take a picture of your Soil before the harvest and after the harvest. Please also ensure that you are harvesting the correct crops as some icons does look similar.