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03-18-14, 10:15 PM
Hi Gang.. Just curious if you plan on making the earning of gems easier than the current format.. I enjoy the game so much better than either the Bakery and Restaurant Story mostly because there is more action in the game and things to do..
But the earning of Gems is pretty unfair compared to the other games and basically you force players to purchase gems...
I can understand the purchasing from a certain stand point but as you do need to pay for the upkeep of these games..
But at the current play rate you are Forced to purchase them to move further in the game, and that forces a lot of players to quit the game at an early rate just due to this issue..
Please take a look at your stats and maybe you can come up with a viable solution.. Thank you..

03-19-14, 01:24 AM
There's a lot of ways in the game to get free gems or free gem items. Adventures often give gems. Sir piggles, the purple cow and all the dragons can drop gems. You can exchange certain items in the exchange for gems. Feed the baron recipe can give gems. Some goals give gem rewards (note that ios doesn't get gems for downloading/playing other games). The adventures can drop the following that would normally cost gems - fruit trees, animals, decorations, dark cave adventures.

04-08-14, 01:08 AM
You can exchange certain items in the exchange for gems.

I've never seen that, only exchange for coins;
so, which items exactly?

04-08-14, 02:54 AM
There's a quest line were you need to get officials. This unlocks the golden trade in the exchange. You trade 1 gold apple, 2 gold eggs and 3 gold nuggets for 5 gems. If you pay to unlock the dessert trade you can trade 2 apple pies, 2 lemonade a and 2 orange cobblers for 1 gem.

04-08-14, 06:45 AM
Ah, yes of course.... A bit of a misunderstanding! It's exchange certain items in the Royal Exchange! I read it differently, thought we could sell some useless (or 'useless') stuff for gems instead of coins (exchange them)....

04-08-14, 02:56 PM
That would be nice to have but unfortunately no suck luck